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I am a ceramic artist/ sculptor and a tutor.


Before I left University,  I was offered both an exhibition and a position teaching ceramics. I said yes to both.

I spent the next few years sharing a studio, making and exhibiting work , teaching ceramics, as well as establishing myself as a freelance workshop facilitator using a variety of medims.

The  next five years as a Digswell Arts Trust Fellow,  with 15 other artists were spent exhibiting, making and working together as well as teaching at the University I graduated from. During this time, Digswell  Arts Trust asked me to set up Digswell Ceramics Community. It was a huge growth period.


Being around creative and passionate people definitely gave me the confidence to make braver work and the exhibition with them at Courtyard Arts is one that I felt was most successful.


Over 12 years, my creative career includes being artist in residence for small festivals, painting murals with MIND,  art  and pottery clubs for children and special small group sessions for Oasis and drug rehab centres , workshops for galleries and exhibitions but it is mostly ceramics because it's the language I understand and find the easiest to  communicate in.

Currently I am making my own work from a studio in my garden and teaching for Colleges and Universities but also for arts venues, such as Courtyard Arts.

My focus at the moment is getting Made with Clay Studio in Letchworth up and running.

My last exhibition was with the artists from Digswell Arts Trust in 2018, and although I sell my work, I don't take commissions.




Freenlance workshop facilitator



Photographs are from Kew Gardens. I've been going there on my own since I was 12. It is one of the spaces that feeds my creativity.

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