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Ideas are like little furry animals; be nice to the first one and the rest will follow, Grayson Perry

Photos show:


Clay impressions, Courtyard Arts

Smoke firing, Letchworth Festival

Jackie's drop in workshops at Fenners

Mural for MIND

Tile project for CHEXS with schools

Painting with Home educated children


Outreach worksops from Courtyard Arts have been with groups such as:



Aspergers groups

Carers in Herts

Vale House drug rehabilitation unit

Freelance workshops tend to be in the community such as:

St Albans festival

Letchworth Festival

Gibberd Gallery

Luton 6th from College

University of Herts in conjunction with looked after children

Holiday workshops

There are many more and each one has been carefully planned with the organisation taking into account the demographics of the group, available space and materials, budget and timelines.

One of the questions I get asked is how difficult it is to work with so many different groups, age levels and abilities and the answer is that it isn't. People are people whether they are young, older, disabled or anxious, whether they are driven and want to know everything or have additional needs that mean things have to be simple. 

I try to adapt to the needs of the student, build my relationships and encourage everyone to have a bit of faith in their own voice.

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